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Mixing Holidays and Writing

It’s late on Thanksgiving night and I’m home alone after driving over dark, practically empty highways listening to Thriving Ivory Radio on Pandora, night music that gets me thinking, even as I test out the Bose speakers that are set into most every panel of my car.

When I left my family gathering tonight,  the couches were full of relatives who had eaten too many courses of rich food while I had picked through the options that allowed me to hold firm to my non-animal diet. Not that I was judgmental with anyone – after all I was completely outnumbered – but that’s just what I’ve chosen for my life now.

I saved my arguments for a few people online who believed that our football team lost today because of our quarterback when, in reality, when your tight end chooses not to run his route (or even look for the ball) because the play is designed to get the pass to the running back who ends up being covered, the interception isn’t the quarterback’s fault. But I digress…

As I was driving home, I was thinking through my current writing projects. Now, in addition to completing my novel Rock Bottom, Michigan, I’ve started a memoir, told from Graham’s perspective, titled They Call Me Trouble. The goal would be to sell this one with proceeds going toward animal shelters I’ve been involved with that definitely could use the help. Heck, maybe if it would do well enough, a couple new shelters could be created.

Tiny Trouble

Of course the memoir would be Graham’s perspective on both of our lives. There were so many things that happened in both of our lives during the eleven years of his life. There will be stories of love, of changes, of moves, of growth. There will also be stories of pain, of heartbreak, and of depression. It’s amazing how close we all are to the end. One injection that takes away all muscle control, and one that stops the heart forever. It makes you think how fleeting it all is.

It’s hard to write, but it should be cathartic. And hopefully it will be as deep as I want it to be. More than a simple tale of the life of a special cat. And more about what we all go through in our lives – about regrets, the memories that stick with us forever, and how we deal with our weaknesses and scars, even while we hide them from the world. Hopefully it will tell universal truths while telling a unique story.

And…if any of you have some good stories about those past 11 years that you want to make sure I don’t forget to add, reach out and remind me!  And if you have any pictures of Graham to share, feel free to send those as well. Those years flew by, but I know there were tons of moments that jumped out to more than just me.

The possible cover art for They Call Me Trounle

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Obviously my mind is all over the place as the night winds down, but I’m thinking of the people who impacted my life and gave me the best stories to remember. People who, at the moment, are too far away across more long, dark highways. Guess I need to sing along to a few more songs as I imagine  putting the pedal down to drive…