The Acadamy Award Before a Man Booker Prize?

I’ll admit that most times in life, the book is way better than then the movie.  But, as I’ve been working through the editing process on my current novel today, along with jotting down a few sentences here and there for two new books (I have at least 14 ideas yet to turn into novels currently so writer’s block definitely isn’t an issue), I’ve been picturing one of my ideas in movie form.  And that thought has really been holding my attention this evening…

Moving away from the Minneapolis area wasn’t easy on me for a number of reasons, but one of them was leaving behind an area that held so many creative people.  When you can go to a cafe and see a sign asking you to add your information if you’ve written part of your novel there, you know you’re living among creative people.   And when it takes you a while to decide on which of the many available theatre performances in which of the theatre districts to attend on a Friday night, and the people you’re out on the town with are actors/actresses themselves, you know you’re in an area that really supports creative endeavors.

One of my upcoming novels will actually be using the idea that there’s a lack of a creative community here in Fayette County (actually playing off some similar structures to Nick Hornby’s  A Long Way Down – though without such a life and death issue about it).  A chance to kind of make a creative tribute to the lack of creative environment I guess…  But for this other idea I’ve been playing with, it frustrates me to be in a position where I don’t have those people out in such numbers.  Because I’d truly love to actually make this idea into a movie.  Maybe someone  working with me to put my ideas into completed script form, a few of us going out with handheld cameras, someone to hold some cheap lights to make it look right, some people willing to be in front of the camera, and someone to work with who knows enough to assist with editing.  That’s not too much to ask for, right?

And actually, there are really only two main characters in my story idea.  And one of them is deceased and would appear in numerous flashbacks (do I have you intrigued yet?).  There would also be a need for a rescue dog, another character who would become a secondary main character as the story goes into Act II and III.  Plus people willing to let us film in their restaurants, stores and other businesses.  And someone who wouldn’t mind their car being damaged a bit for a specific, necessary scene.  See…I’m not just throwing this out as a crazy idea that gets forgotten the next day…  I’ve actually put a little thought into it.

I’ve fleshed out the story and it just seems like something that would work so well in a visual way (and would be so much fun to pursue).  I have to blame some of the idea on Amy Shark since I was listening to her music as I was writing and a couple of her songs pushed my thinking into a whole different direction.  Leave Us Alone especially has the overall feel that the movie would pursue.  Seriously, listen to it if you’re curious.  I think I would need to ask her to use it in the soundtrack when we’re finished.

Sure, this movie would be as independent as an independent film could be, but does that matter?  Life only lasts so long and wouldn’t it be great to do something that so few people ever do?

So if you see me staring at you as I walk through Target, or the grocery store, don’t be insulted.  I’m just trying to see if I could visualize you as lead material, or if you could at least fit as background talent.  And if I seem to be following you through the parking lot, it’s just to see what you’re driving and to find out how attached to it you are.  You know us creative types…

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