The Crowd Funding Thing

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about it.  And I’ve even been doing my share of research.  And…I think I’m going to do it.  But, if I do, it’s going to be up to you.  So…I guess I want to put the question out there and see what you all think about it…

I’m looking into self-publishing my first novel, with the idea of a large percentage of the proceeds going to charities that assist battered women and children.  And, I’m looking to do it through crowd funding.

If I could get enough people to contribute, I could have enough books out there to hopefully make a major difference.  And, because the novel deals with abuse, the idea of its proceeds funding charities that benefit battered women and children and allow them to achieve everything that they’re meant to with their lives would feel amazing.  So I need to quit stalling and go for it.  Right?  Right?

Hopefully within the next couple of weeks, I’ll decide on the right site to use to promote it and can have the entire project description out there for the world to see.  And here’s what I’m thinking…

If someone donates $25, they get a copy of the book.  For $50, they receive an autographed copy.  I’m not quite sure what to do for higher amounts though.  Sure, you could get multiple copies, but there needs to be something more interesting for the extra amount donated than that, right?  Any thoughts?  One thought I’d had was that I could give out a handwritten copy of the novel for like $5000 (because that would be a long process actually writing it out – and of course you’d have to be willing to accept the errors and scratch-outs that would occur when writing out 75,000 words).  But there would have to be benefits for donations that are more in the middle range too.

Part of it could be where the charitable donations are made.  I’m planning to donate proceeds to organizations in three areas – Minnesota, Illinois and Pennsylvania.  But, I’m thinking that, if people donate $200 or more, they could select where the organization is located that I donate the proceeds to. At least that’s one more thought about what we could do…  Any others?

Please keep an eye out for the upcoming details about this adventure because I’m going to need plenty of company to go on the ride with me.  And I think we can do a lot of good together once we get started.  So I’d better get back to the research and quit with the slacking!

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2 thoughts on “The Crowd Funding Thing

  1. Renee Spyrou

    You could do T-Shirts with an image of you holding a copy of your book and some sort of catch phrase underneath. On the back you could have the charities you’ll be donoting to along with their websites etc. You could also do limited edition T-Shirts for people who donate more money along with a signed hardback copy of your novel. (IngramSpark print good quality hardback books & are Print on Demand) Just a thought. I think it’s a very worthy cause, I hope you have much success with it. Good luck.
    Renee Spyrou

    1. Drew Post author

      Thanks Renee!
      Those are some good ideas (though I can’t imagine people wearing my picture on a t-shirt) 🙂 But you’ve got some good ideas that have me thinking…
      Thanks for the good wishes! I’m looking forward to seeing how much of a difference people can make through this…


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