Once a Northern Boy…


Here in good ‘ol Fayette County the seasons are getting a bit confused.  We finally had our first snow of the season (if you count a dusting that was gone just about as quickly as it arrived) and there’s frost on the ground to start each day.  But then the leaves are still in the process of changing colors throughout the area.  On top of that, if you take into account the dandelions still trying to grow throughout the yard for some sick and twisted reason, you have three of the seasons represented just by stepping outside the door first thing in the morning.   It’s a crazy place to be these days.

I’m not ready for fall to be over.  And that’s not just because I should have mowed the lawn one more time before the temperatures started to drop.  And not just because I have no desire to shovel snow yet.  I’ve always been a northern boy and cold and snow are something to be expected and enjoyed in their own way each year.  I’d never be able to move too far south.  I’d miss having all four of the seasons to enjoy and experience as they all have their finer points.  But winter can wait just a bit…

There’s something too inspiring about fall to let it go too soon.  There’s a change you can see in the trees, a smell in the air, the feel of the cooler temperatures, the tastes you don’t get through the rest of the year, etc.  It feels like the chance to re-start.  And it’s invigorating.

That being said, I’m thinking about winter as I’m writing today.  All because of an email I received earlier this week. To let me know about some opportunities.  There are some upcoming writers conferences that will be going on and I’m actually thinking about traveling to attend one.  And how about this for extremes…?  This winter, there’s a writer’s cruise in Florida and a convention in Minnesota in February.  And the one that jumps out to me…?  Yep, Minnesota.  I never claimed to be normal…

Sure, there are more agents that will be attending that one so it will be better for mingling and making connections.  But there’s more to it than that.  Sure, packing more layers and trying to fit it all into limited luggage can be a pain, but Minneapolis/St. Paul is an artistic area.  There’s something inspiring about it.

Okay, so I used to actually live there and Graham is a Minnesota original (born and raised there before coming to Fayette County) so there are plenty of additional reasons to consider that convention location over ones in warmer climates.  And heck, I can’t even swim so why would I want to meet with agents on a boat off of Miami when even the lakes in Minnesota would be frozen over in February?  That area just fits me better.

So I’m going over the application and starting to study up on the agents who will be there.  Maybe one of them is looking for just the right new writer to mold into the next best seller.  And then, when I take off on my book signing tours, I can see some other parts of the country.  And maybe occasionally escape a cold, northern winter…

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5 thoughts on “Once a Northern Boy…

  1. Kelli

    I think Miami and Minneapolis both sound wonderful for different reasons! You should go to both so you get more exposure. I also think you would fit in very well with the ‘anti-trump’ folk in Mpls. Nothing but rainbow flags and liberals up here! hey…what do you call a basement full of Liberals? A whine cellar 😉

    1. Drew Post author

      Such a comedian… 🙂
      Hmm…I might have to pick just one destination at first. Guess I need to figure out which place would have the most to offer – Miami or Minneapolis. Sun or snow. Wonder which area would be more likely to find a good reader for the novel…

      1. Kelli

        I would think you could find a better reader in a cold, snowy place since there is nothing to do but sit in front of a fireplace and curl up with a good book! 🙂

        1. Drew Post author

          And it’s all about finding the right reader… And sitting in front of that relaxing fire and watching the snow fall while waiting to find out what that reader thinks….

          Oh-oh… That speedo is no longer a secret! 🙂


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