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I know I pick on this area quite often, but that’s just because I’m still pretty new to living here in Almost West Virginia, Pennsylvania.  And my brain responds to new things through sarcasm.  Someone who’s not from around here wouldn’t be allowed to make snide comments any more than I would about Whynot, Alabama, Hackensack, New Jersey, or Sweet Lips, Tennesee.  They’re just places I’ve passed through so I don’t know enough to criticize…

But, coming up shortly, we’ll be showing our good side off to the world, as The Bachleorette will be filming an episode up at Nemacolin Woodlands, which is just a quick trip up into the mountains for those of us here who live only live at the foot of the mountains. It’s beautiful, expensive, and doesn’t look like it belongs in this area at all.  I mean, at all…  So people will see it on their television screens and think “wow, I need to take a vacation to majestic southwestern PA!”.  

But what really cracks me up is the “local” celebrity that they’re bringing onto the show.  The producers thought western Pennsylvania, and the only thing that came to mind was the Pittsburgh Steelers.  And, because the Steelers’ top player is currently on Dancing With The Stars, and their next best player just recently had a little issue with driving down a crowded street while smoking a little something special that made him giggle, they went with the next most recognizable player they could think of.  Yes…Mr. Ben Roethlisberger.  Interesting.  Now I’m not saying that he’s incapable of helping a couple of strangers find love.  But…


That cracks me up.  Sure, he’s married now and he’s even a father, so he’s probably not the same man who had such interesting experiences a few years back.  But still…  I would think that there would be someone else who could represent this area’s idea of love a little better.  

Like, ummmm…  Well Jeff Goldblum was born in the area.  But he comes across with a bit of a creepy vibe.  Plus, would you really want part of the show sponsored by  Does that send a weird message, or is it just me…? 

Okay, Andy Warhol passed away about thirty years too soon to get another 15 minutes of fame on a show like that.  Mark Cuban already has another show.  And Dan Marino might not be able to hit up one of the nice restaurants with them if he’s strictly following that Nutrisystem diet.

So instead of continuing to search through lists of famous Pittburghers who’s names I don’t even recognize, it seems that there’s just one Pittsburgh icon who would have been perfect for the job.  And could you imagine the wonderful advice he would have given while tagging along on dates…?  I’d probably even DVR that show!  It’s just too bad he’s no longer around.  So I guess we’ll have to settle for being represented by Big Ben this time around…

Mr. Fred Rogers 1928-2003

Mr. Fred Rogers 1928-2003


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