The Day Bernie Came To Town


Okay, didn’t I just say yesterday that I was avoiding political stuff?  Well, I guess I lied.  So deal with it.  And that was before Bernie Sanders paid a little visit to our area anyway.  Well, not exactly here in town, and not exactly here in this rural little county either, but He did come to Pittsburgh, which is only a county away.  So it’s like he almost came for a visit…

I didn’t get to attend the rally, but I would have loved to hear him in person.  I don’t agree with him on everything – that’s not a realistic possibility when there are so many issues to be addressed these days – but I agree with a lot of it.  And I absolutely love it that his agenda is people.  All people.  And that’s something that I can definitely get behind.  So I would have loved to go to the rally, try to shake his hand and wish him well.  Okay, forget that.  He’s got that kind of attitude and personality that makes you want to skip the handshake and give him a hug instead., doesn’t he?  Think Secret Service agents have to deal with many people trying to do that?  Probably not for any of the other candidates anyway.

I’m disappointed that the state of Pennsylvania doesn’t seem to be supporting him very well at this point.  But there’s still time.  Not everyone comes around at the same pace and it does seem like this area is a bit slow to change or accept new ideas…

I’ve been oh-so-tempted to write “what are you thinking?!?” pieces trying to explain the truth about other candidates in the race (not to mention a piece yelling at my old home town in Michigan for hosting a Trump rally and then actually voting for him) but I figure that this year, the candidates are acting crazy enough that all people need to do is open their eyes and watch the news and that should do the convincing, right?  Just let them talk and they’ll keep on telling the world why they’re not right for the job.

At least there hasn’t been a debate in a while.  I’ve probably gotten just as loud yelling at the idiotic non-answers that I’ve heard as my neighbor does when the Steelers play.  Me, I grew up a Detroit Lions fan so I’m used to pain and don’t yell at them.  Much.  Think that means that I’m entitled to at least have my candidate win this November?  After all, that would be about the same time that I would have given up on any chance of a Lions’ Super Bowl appearance.  Or even a lone, solitary playoff win…

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