I’ll admit it.  Politics lately have made me grumpy.  Enough so that I’ve thought many a time about going on a rant here and telling you all how you’re completely crazy if you don’t support the person that I’m supporting.  But it’s a beautiful spring day, winter isn’t expected back until it snows again on Sunday, and I’m going to enjoy the moment.  There’s enough ranting and raving on the internet already anyway…

Fayette County has some beauty to it when the sun shines down and the temperatures are above 60 again.  Sure, if you drive out on the highway, all of winter’s trash is exposed in the sunlight and is blowing around in the breeze, but I’m not out there to see it now, so I can simply imagine fresh grass, blooming flowers and buds on all of the trees.  And I’ll make sure that Prince’s song Sometimes It Snows In April isn’t available to play on my iTunes.  Just in case.

The robins are out and making plenty of racket in the trees in the yard.  But maybe that’s just when I’m outside to witness.  Because of the company I keep when I’m out there of course.  There’s one big ol’ robin in particular who absolutely can’t stand Graham.  And he sings out at the top of his lungs every time Graham is anywhere near (like anywhere outside within the County).  Graham usually just sits and watches him (which I’ve found out completely cracks up the woman who delivers the mail) unless that bird is getting cocky and lets down his guard.  Then he gets a good scare and gets chased out of the yard and it gets quiet again for a while.

It seems like spring has been here forever actually.  But that’s probably because I stopped paying attention to “March Madness” a long time ago.  My Purdue Boilermakers were embarrassingly evicted from everyone’s brackets in the first round.  Add in that Easter was in March this year and it feels like it should be May by now.

But, when I take the trash out early next week and there’s snow on the ground, that’s going to completely throw me out of whack.  Then, I’ll probably feel like starting my Christmas shopping or picking out a Halloween costume.  But, until then, it’s warm, it’s sunny, the birds are yelling, and that says spring to me…

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