Books Need Soundtracks Too


Music just goes perfectly with writing, though sometimes searching for the right songs to match the feelings or the tone of a section of the novel can be time consuming.  Or perhaps it can be a time wasting or stalling tactic occasionally as well.

I’ll even confess that sometimes when I’m typing on the laptop, I’m singing along with the clicking of the keys.  Well…not if I’m writing at a cafe or coffee shop, that would just be weird.  But if I’m at home, then who’s to judge, right?  After all, Graham’s a pretty understanding cat.  At least I think he is if I’m understanding his looks correctly.

For example, tonight he was laying on my lap facing away from me as I wrote, enjoying some cuddling time and somehow managing to stay asleep, even during those times when I tried to shift to keep my tookis from falling asleep.  Then, when certain songs from my iTunes came on, of course I had to sing along as they fit the mood of the sections I was working on.

These Days by Rascal Flatts went over fine with my tiny audience.  He actually seemed to flip his tail to the beat, smacking it against me on beats 2 and 4 of each measure.  What can I say, my little guy is gifted.  His eyes stayed closed, his head stayed down, and he might as well have been asleep.  Except for his tail that seemed to be enjoying the entertainment that was going on around him.  But then…

He must not have cared for Goodbye My Lover by James Blunt (don’t judge, it came on, it continued to fit the mood and yes, I just happen to know the words).  His head perked up fairly quickly into my rendition of that one and he gave me a look I can only say displayed frustration and disappointment.  It’s amazing the thoughts that animals can portray without words, isn’t it? And, in case he thought that his point hadn’t been made strongly enough, he then hopped off my lap and trotted out of the room.

I may have taken it slightly personally (how else can you take your non-paying audience walking out in the middle of song number two?) but I’m sure he just had someplace to be.  The sun was no longer shining through the office window and the tile at the back door was probably warm and calling.  That’s what I’ll tell myself anyway.  And I just kept singing away, and didn’t take out my moment of humiliation on any of the characters in the novel.  They all survived to the end of the chapter and will live to see another day.  So it’s been a good day for everyone…

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3 thoughts on “Books Need Soundtracks Too

    1. Drew Post author

      Whoops! Wow, I’ve been slacking on here lately and hadn’t posted this or replied. Sorry…
      I know exactly what you mean. That song holds some very specific memories for me too


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