Excuses and Justifications…


Sometimes things get in the way of writing.  Sometimes they’re just the usual, banal things in life.  Sometimes they’re just the boring things we all need to do through the course of a normal day.  But sometimes they’re major surprises that catch us off guard.

One major surprise like that taught me an interesting lesson the other day.  And that’s this – when you visit the local emergency room and have an issue involving chest pains, they bump you to the top of the list.  I gues that only makes sense and is a good idea for everyone involved, regardless of whatever any other patient waiting there thinks about the policy.  What, do I have to die here? I heard one friendly and concerned guy ask as he looked up from his cell phone to watch me being led into the back after I’d only been waiting for a minute or two.  Sorry dude, it’s not my call.

It ended up being a partially collapsed lung as a result of a severe allergic reaction to something rather than anything more serious, but I can’t say that I minded being able to skip ahead past the people with nothing more than colds or flu-like symptoms.  I’m usually a patient guy, but I didn’t mind a little more preferential treatment in that circumstance.  And, I did get a view of the ER process that I can use in a future story/novel.  After all, there may be a future character who’s a nurse, or a klutz or a hypochondriac, right?

So that’s my latest excuse for not maintaining a regular writing schedule.  It happens, and I think it qualifies as a legitimate excuse.  This time at least.

But anyway…  I saw this completely “authentic” Bigfoot call in the local dollar store the other day (how I ended up there in the dollar store being another story altogether) and I just had to take a picture.  I would have even bought it (after all, it was only a dollar) except that you have to put your lips on the back of it and blow to make the legitimate-sounding Bigfoot call.  And the packaging looked like it was barely holding on and might have been pulled apart and repackaged numerous times over recent decades.  So I didn’t really trust trying it it out without a thorough dousing in a vat of formaldehyde.  And they weren’t selling that in the dollar store.

But I’m curious what it sounds like.  In retrospect, I should have asked someone in the store to try it out for me.  Sure, it would have come across as a little weird, but where would I have ever seen those people again?  In the local Wal-Mart, or the local grocery store that practically has a gravel floor?  So what would there be to be embarrassed by?  Ahh…regrets…  I should have asked the first person to walk down that aisle to give it a try for me.  They either would have said ‘yes’ or I would have gotten some entertaining looks to enjoy.

Now I think I just need to go back and see if they have any left in stock.  But I’m sure they sell out fast.  After all, all germ concerns aside, how often do you have a chance to find such a valuable piece of Bigfoot hunting equipment for only a dollar…?

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