The Quest For The Artistic Life

The Simpsons - Matt Groening

The Simpsons – Matt Groening

Okay, I didn’t win the Powerball drawing…  But I’m sure you’d probably assumed as much.  I didn’t buy a ticket anyway, so I wasn’t overly surprised that I didn’t win.  I guess I’ll just have to remain a starving artist for a little while longer.  And I think I can handle that…

Whenever I take a break from writing, my mind wanders onto other forms of art and I wonder what it would be like to try something else as well.  There are a couple of canvases in the garage that have just been waiting for someone to create something more visual with them.  Of course they’ve been waiting long enough that the tubes of paint beside them have all gone dry, but there’s probably someplace around this county where I could find more.

Or there’s photography.  Getting outside, wandering the hills and snapping black and white pictures of dilapidated buildings, waterfalls, rocks and who knows what else…  Feeling the cold breeze on your face and hands as you compose the right shots.  That would be invigorating.

Where’s all of the time in life to create everything that can be created?  To indulge in the creative passions in life?  I’m so jealous of the people who seem to have 48 hour days to achieve so much as I watch the word count on my novel slowly grow each day.  But it’s getting there…

I’m actually about ready to start composing my query letters to send to agents, and trying to put the right description on a single page letter.  Something to grab their attention and avoid the dreaded slush pile.  So we’ll see how long that writing assignment takes…

Maybe for one of my future novels, I’ll be able to create a painting to be used on the cover (I’d love to see that future me telling my agent that and see how hard that person tries to avoid laughing and hurting my feelings).  After all, I couldn’t even color in the lines when I was in kindergarten.  But who wants to stay within the lines anyway?  That’s not being creative.

But it’s words that I love to play with, and words that I want to create with.  So hopefully one day there will be stacks of books that I’ve written, sitting out, forming its own sense of art.  And then I’ll try all of the other styles.

But to have the time to do all of that, I just may have to win the lottery.  Wonder where they sell tickets around here…


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