You Too Can Live Scared in Fayette County


If you don’t yet live in Fayette County and would love the opportunity to join us here, now’s your chance…

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a house that’s recently been put on the market here in Fayette County and it’s one that you’ve probably even seen on the inside already.  And that’s because it was in the movie The Silence Of The Lambs.  Granted, it wasn’t exactly featured in the film, but it was where the serial killer lived (and where Jodie Foster’s character figures out that he’s the killer).

What cracks me up is that, when they were looking for the right house to use in the movie, they were tooling around Fayette County, certain that they’d find the right look here.  So they knocked on the door and asked the owners if they’d mind letting them do a little filming there.  And now, that house can all be yours…

Of course the infamous cellar and pit aren’t included as those scenes were filmed elsewhere on a movie set, so the house isn’t all that scary.  Especially when you’ll have to tell your guests about it as there will be no way they recognize the house from the movie without being told.  But if you sneak out of the room and shut off the lights and don’t provide them night vision goggles, you can give them that horror movie feel.  Maybe get a white toy poodle, name it Precious and continue to live up the fear factor of the place.  Of course your family and friends will appreciate it, why would you be worried about that?  It’s all in fun… 😜

Jame Gumb & Precious

Jame Gumb & Precious

The house is on the market with the starting asking price of $300,000.  If you talk to the realtor, I’d recommend starting your bargaining with “Yeah, but it’s in Fayette County”.  Maybe that will get you a bit of a discount…

So what if it’s not actually recognizable from the movie and is rather expensive.  And, so what if by living here you’d need to become comfortable with the Wal-Mart world kind of entertainment value of the area.  There are still positives.

It has a pool…

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