Hot Times in Fayette County

The front "lawn"

The front “lawn”

It’s been a hot week in Fayette County, made more so because it has been completely dry.  Ten miles to the south they’ve had rain.  Five miles to the north they’ve had rain.  But it’s all passed us by in this area.   It’s been such a bad dry stretch that I haven’t needed to mow the lawn in over a month and the grass crunches under your feet when you walk outside.  So it’s been a time for muscle shirts and cammo cargo shorts, flip flops and denim cut offs.  I’m not admitting to wearing any of that myself, but that seems to be the fashion trend you see around the area.

One of the neighbors has been continuing to mow regularly, regardless of the weather.  He pulls out his big ol’ riding mower (for a yard that really isn’t big enough to need that), and drives across the dry grass that hasn’t grown in weeks, simply because it’s his weekly habit.  He’s kicking up more dust and dirt than anything, but at least he’s keeping that tan going as he bounces around the yard without a shirt and entertaining anyone who drives by.

Graham doesn’t even really care to go outside in the daylight lately.  When he does, he dashes into the shade underneath my car and lays there getting some hot fresh air and watching for birds that might wander by without seeing him in his dark hiding spot.  He’d rather wait until the sun goes down and it’s a bit cooler and dark before venturing out into the yard.  While we’re out there, I’ve been trying to remember what I used to know about the constellations when I was a kid.  Since we’ve been put on the waiting list for rain, the skies have been perfectly clear each night.  The liquor store across the field has some pretty strong lights shining from the back of the building, but if you block that out, you can see quite a bit up above you.

But how does anyone find any of those constellations?  Aries is what, a set of four stars that are basically in a line?  That doesn’t look like the ram or any kind of shape whatsoever.  I did manage to find the Big Dipper a bit easier last night, but then there was the blinking red light of a plane flying through.  As I looked across all of the sky that could be seen, there were another three planes passing overhead from someplace else to another someplace else.  Sure, there’s an airport in Fayette County, but it’s too small to have flights that pass by that far overhead.

It’s relaxing to just look up into the dark sky and watching the flickering lights overhead.  But it would be nice to see something out of place up there.  At this rate, I’m not going to have any good stories for the UFO, Bigfoot, Paranormal Expo.  But…at least we’re in for clear skies for the next week at least.  And Graham will want to go out.  So who knows what I might yet see in the skies over Fayette County…

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