Hey everyone…

Just wanted to share a quick post with you this afternoon about something that’s on my mind…

A couple weeks back, Brett Taylor from Bleacher Nation held a blog-a-thon on his site to raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation – 38 straight hours of blogging to raise over $26,000.  Hard work for a great cause.  As a fan of his blog – it’s all about the Chicago Cubs, something incredibly near and dear to me as I went to my first game in Wrigley before I could walk and have been a complete diehard fan ever since – I was more than happy to help out and force him to miss out on some much-needed sleep to support Make-A-Wish.

Then, after some time went by, it kind of faded from my mind as things tend to do.  Other things happen, the present takes priority over the past (well…in some cases anyway…). And yes, I forgot about it and moved on.  Until this afternoon that is.

It’s such a simple thing, but it simply turned my mind around.  I took Graham outside for a little walk and headed down toward the mailbox.  Inside was an envelope with my name and address handwritten on the front.  How often do you see that anymore?  Maybe once a year you receive a wedding announcement or graduation announcement or an invite to a niece or nephew’s birthday party written out in pen and dropped off in the mail.  But it’s rare.  So this caught my attention.

Inside, there was a simple piece of paper – not even a full sheet of paper -with the Make-A-Wish logo and a picture of a child with a bright, energetic smile.  Beside the picture was a handwritten note of thanks from Ashley.  It was just a few sentences, but, more-so than any computer typed message ever could have, it made clear how personal it really is to be involved in projects such as these.  And it motivated me as well…

It’s long been my goal to have the proceeds from the first novel I wrote to go toward helping battered women and children receive the help they need to get a fresh start in life, and to know that children in horrible situations will be given the opportunities to achieve everything they possibly can with their lives.  So…the longer it takes me to write, and publish and get my writing out there, the longer before anyone is impacted by my goal.  I can only imagine the smiling faces on handwritten notes sent out to thank others for what they did to change a life.  And I hope that those of you reading today will be a part of that dream when it eventually comes true.

I love supporting great causes, but in the meantime, my own isn’t quite there yet.  So…I need to make sure that I’m cranking out 1,000 words a day and really pushing myself to reach that goal.  So I’d better get to it.  After all, Chapter 38 won’t write itself….

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