Word #50,000

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

I’ve done it.  That one huge milestone that’s been in my mind from the very beginning as I write a novel – reaching the 50,000th word.  And today’s the day that the goal has been reached.  And the first thing that comes to mind is “Whoo Hoo!!”

I don’t know why 50,000 is such an important number for me.  It’s not like I’m finished yet.  And it’s not like there aren’t a lot more words yet to be added.  Sure, word 60,000 and 75,000 will deserve their own pats on the back, but 50,000 just means something special to me.  It pretty much means that the rough draft is completed and now “all” that’s left is to take the bones that have been created and flesh them out.  It’s time to add depth and beauty and the parts that really make you laugh and cry (hopefully, if they’re done right anyway).  It’s time to take the story and make it complete – the version that it’s going to be in forever and ever (hopefully on bookshelves all over the world).

If you’re curious, the 50,000th word is “them”.   Sure, it’s not going to mean a lot to you out of context to you like that.  You’d need to read word 49,999 first.  And word 49,998.  And probably the sentence before that, the page before that, and the chapter before that.  But it’s not ready for all of you to read just yet.  So I’m just giving you a taste and a tease with “them”.  Curious yet…?

The only problem is that I haven’t written this novel from beginning to end.  So there are sections that I need to find the right place for.  Entire chapters don’t have a permanent home yet.  They’re there on the page, but they can’t get comfortable where they’re at yet because they’re going to be on the move.  Once I figure out where they belong that is.  But the words are flying now that I have most of the story complete (in some shape).

Now that there are 50,000 words, I can really picture it in book form.  And I love that.  Now, I just need to quit slacking, get back to it and add the rest of the words that are waiting to join the story.  And dream about the tens of thousands of people I hope will be reading it someday…  After all, creating it is an accomplishment in itself.  But, if a book gets written on the laptop and no one reads it, does it really make a sound…?


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