Friday Night at the Fair…


Yep, I did make it out to the fair last night.  You’re jealous.  I know it you are. Well, unless you were there too…  I that case you had just as much fun as I did. 😀

Actually, I was in shock.  It was the first weekend night of the fair and it wasn’t even the slightest bit busy.  It was like someone threw a party and no one came.  There were no lines for food, you could walk right up as the pig races started and still have an unobstructed view, it looked like there were about 4 dogs entered in the dog show, etc.  It was so quiet it was downright spooky…

It was still fun to people watch, but I didn’t take any pictures because it was far too hard to be sneaky without anyone around.  But I did see plenty of shorts and leg tattoos, muscle shirts and camouflage.  And the unofficial  Fayette County Fair dress code for women – jean shorts and cowboy boots.  Sure, some women can pull off that look and look good doing it.  But there were just too many that reminded me of the old ‘Hanker for a Hunk o’ Cheese’ character –


I didn’t stay too long, but was there long enough to grab a baked potato and an order of fried pickles for dinner.  I was planning to finish it off with a fried Twinkie but didn’t think it would go well with pickles.  I guess that means I’ll just have to go back again…

I’m curious if tonight will be busier.  After all, there’s better entertainment than there was last night.  The Clarks are performing – a semi local band that has a pretty good following even outside of Pennsylvania.  Ever heard of them?  And who would want to miss Buffo, the World’s Strongest Clown?  Plus it’s beautiful out tonight so maybe more people will feel the need to be out and about.  Just not me.  Not yet.  Two nights in a row is just a little too much.  I don’t want to come across as a regular.

But I’ve got another free admission ticket in the car that needs to be used.  And I can’t stop thinking about that fried Twinkie.  Mmmmmmmmm…..


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