County Fair Time


July is almost over which can only mean one thing….  County Fair Time!  The time when everyone takes a break from going to Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Rural King and comes together in a field to fight over parking so they can purchase tickets to go in and buy 4,000 calories of food for dinner before buying tickets to ride in spinning buckets of metal that were just taken off the truck and bolted together this morning.  Ahh, the fair…

The Fayette County Fairgrounds are located just a quick five miles up the road from where I live, so I’m practically a part of it.  Not close enough that I can make a buck charging people to park in the front yard, but close enough that in the evenings when Graham and I go out for a walk, we should be able to hear carnival music and the roar of the cars in the demolition derby.


I have access to a pass for free entry, so of course I’ll have to go there to check out the crazy assortment of people (and have a deep fried Twinkie or two).  And the fun thing will be to see how subtly I can take pictures of good ol’ Fayette County people without getting caught.

I’m not sure how I’ll blend in though.  I don’t have any muscle shirts with pictures of trucks on them. Actually I don’t own any muscle shirts.  And I don’t own a pair of denim shorts.  Am I completely out of style or what?

I used to live near the Minnesota State Fair, where you could get every kind of food on a stick and see butter sculpture busts of the girls vying for State Fair Queen.  But here you get egg judging, a dog show and an angel food cake competition.  There are bands you’ve never heard of, the hypnotist that comes back every year, the tractor pull and the judging of horses, steer and swine – watch your step.

I’ll probably check it out tomorrow night to celebrate the start of the weekend.  I just need to make sure my phone is completely charged before I go so that I can take plenty of pictures…

But before then I probably need to get in a workout or two.  Because I’m getting in the mood for some fair food.  Deep fried sugar, here I come!

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2 thoughts on “County Fair Time

    1. Drew Post author

      Well…for the last year and a half or so I’ve been living under the philosophy that pigs are friends, not food. But with all the bacon and BBQ there’ll out at the fair, I’m really going to be an outsider…


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