Ahh, Mary…


I’ll admit up front that I’m not much of a Disney fan – the reasons why would make up a couple of posts in themselves. But, somehow I’ve gotten myself in a position where I’m singing songs from a Disney musical to myself wherever I go.  What happened is this…

The local theatre is working on a production of Mary Poppins. And, as they get closer and closer to the dates of the shows, I was asked if I might possibly be interested in helping out backstage. My thoughtful, giving nature prompted me to answer “maybe”, knowing that I could change that to a “no” fairly quickly, while looking like I actually seriously contemplated it. Unfortunately…my “maybe” was heard as a “yes”, so now I’m on the backstage crew at the State Theatre’s production of Mary Poppins. I’m still not sure how that happened.

The first production is in only three days, so obviously they’ve been doing a fine job preparing without my assistance. But, because of the fine amount of potential the 19-year-old in charge saw in me, I’m responsible for moving one 4-foot wide curtain every time they move the sets.

If they’re moving one of the sets off-stage, I grab the little curtain to pull it out of the way. If they’re moving one of the sets on-stage, I grab the little curtain to pull it out of the way. Now, if you’re saying “wait, slow down. That’s too complicated for me to understand”, don’t feel bad. I’ve had two whole practices – a total of 12 hours – to get it all figured out. So I’m an expert.

During the time that I’m not actively moving that curtain of mine (Yes, it’s mine. I’m already feeling possessive of it), I’ve figured out that it’s my job to stay out of the way of the high schoolers that are running around backstage trying to impress each other with their British accents.  So it’s move curtain, fight to retain sanity, move curtain, get out of the way of the giggling dancers as they run on and off stage, move curtain, repeat.  Good thing I have another practice in another hour…

So if my posts have convinced you that there’s no such thing as culture in Fayette County, now you know better.  The musical is in the same theatre where they had the meeting about Bigfoot sightings last year.  And the same one where there’s a rap concert in a week and a half.  So there’s plenty of diverse “culture” going on around here.

So come on down to the State Theatre July 17th, 18th and 19th to check out Mary Poppins.  Good seats are still available. Wait, I take that back… I don’t know if they’re sold out or not. I’ve been too focused on my little curtain.  Too much responsibility…..

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