Scream For Ice Cream


It’s a warm, partly sunny day here in Fayette County today.  Hey, if it’s a summer day without rain this year, it’s a beautiful day…  And it has me thinking about ice cream.

I heard the area’s ice cream truck driving around the area the other day and I was extremely disappointed that it didn’t come down my street. Not because I was in the mood for a Dilly Bar. But because I really wanted to get a picture. I wanted to have visual evidence that I wasn’t exaggerating when I describe that truck to you.

So, I decided to see if they’re on-line and might possibly have a picture I could use there. But instead, I found this little beauty.  Seriously, Fayette County isn’t all bad, but this video involving our local ice cream truck shows the place in an extremely bad light…

Whad’ya think………?

Sometimes you just have to see something to believe it.  Me, I’m just glad the guy wasn’t really hurt so I can keep laughing at it and not feel completely heartless.

Okay, the sun just came back out and is seriously hot.  I wonder if our ice cream man tweets his location so I can find him.  ‘Cause I could really go for a Push-up Pop.

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