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The duct-tape double-wide is gone.  Hallelujah!

I don’t know where the monstrosity has gone on its journey – if it was moved to take the role of a home for somebody, or if it was just pausing here for a bit before continuing the rest of the way on its path to destruction.  But…it disappeared on Tuesday – trash day.  That doesn’t seem coincidental.  Though I have a limit on how many garbage bags I can leave out each Tuesday morning…?  I’m not complaining, just saying.

It’s garage sale season here in Fayette County.  When I say that, I don’t mean that you can drive past a lot of sales each Friday and Saturday.  It’s more of an everyday thing.  There are two in particular that I drive by every day that have been active for more than a month!  One’s technically a yard sale (everything that’s for sale is out in the short gravel driveway and strewn across the yard – the wet grass – and many things have been out there for weeks, rain or shine.  If you stop by, just knock on the door to let them know you’re interested.  You can walk around the trailer to see the many brightly-colored plastic children’s toys.  Since they’re waterproof, they’d be your safest bet.    I think they bring in the racks of clothes at night or when it’s raining, but I’ve never understood buying other people’s old clothes…

There’s even a pearl-colored Cadillac Escalade parked on the edge of the hill beside the trailer – only a firm push away from an entertaining roll down toward the trees.  It’s had a ‘For Sale’ sign on its windshield for as long as the yard sale has been going on.   It doesn’t seem to fit in its surroundings, but do any of us?

A garage sale a few miles away actually has an ‘Open/Closed’ sign out at the edge of the two-lane highway to let everyone know when to stop and when to drive on by.  It’s like a thrift store located in a square brick building with a roll-up door that takes up the entire front wall.  It looks pretty dark in there since the sun doesn’t reach all the way to the back during normal business hours.   And the bricks aren’t all set flush upon each other and it looks only a couple of storms away from collapse, so I’m not endorsing stopping.  It’s a curiosity, but one best seen at 45 miles an hour.  Minimum.

There’s a brand new dollar store being built close by that might impact the business these families are getting.  Or hope to get.  It’s going up on the site where there used to be a combination grocery/antique store.  I’ll miss that place, even though I completely avoided shopping there.  After all, do you really want to purchase your “Fresh” food at a place that also focuses on items from fifty or a hundred years ago?  I’m not saying that there were ever problems, but I just wouldn’t want to risk the result of an overlap in their business.  Think you could find a dusty case of Tab soda in that place…

New usually doesn’t replace old here in Fayette County.  Instead, new is usually built – quickly and haphazardly- right next to the rust and dilapidation of the old.  The new house built right next to an old trailer on one side and an out-of-business old tire shop on the other, for example.  Placed there because it’s family land, or was just cheap.  Or the new sandwich shop set up next to a 150-square-foot shack advertising “Tatoos” with a “For Rent” sign in its greasy window.

But I guess maybe that’s considered small-town charm.  In some circles anyway.  Me, I just shake my head when I see it, stifle a laugh if anyone else is around, and state the only explanation I have…  “Fayette County…”


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