Happy Independence Day

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Hey everyone!

I’ve been traveling and hope to be home to enter a a “real” post tomorrow but, while I’m out on the highways and byways, I wanted to wish you all a wonderful holiday today!  I hope you’re able to enjoy some time with family and friends, cookouts, fireworks, sparklers, firecrackers, M-80s and whatever.  Because…


Ahh, the stories many of us could tell, I’m sure.  Like Lindsay, my grade school friend…  If you’re reading, I really didn’t try to shoot that bottle rocket up your nose.  And I’m very glad I missed…

So enjoy the day, the weekend, and hopefully some wonderful summer weather wherever you are!!

And Happy 239th America!  You don’t look a day over 180 (though you may be showing a little puffiness around the edges – New York City and Los Angeles – and few wrinkles in the middle – ahem, Fayette County.  But who’s perfect…?

Have a great one everyone!!



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