Won’t You Be My Neighbor


Its been a crazy week in Fayette County.   Though aren’t they all…?

The other day I came home from work and this was parked in the lot between where i live and my view of the mountains.  Granted, I don’t know much about mobile homes, but is a double-wide simply two single-wides held together with duct tape?  Is that really how it works?  And, knowing this area, does having this questionable pile of lumber and plastic siding make property values around here go down?  Or up?

I’m hoping that it’s a temporary thing.  That this eyesore will be moving on to its final resting place soon.  Because we already have our share of regular, ongoing quirks in the neighborhood and don’t need to add this one.

For example, there’s the guy who puts his trash out the morning of the day before trash day each week.   It’s like a 32-hour lawn decoration for the neighborhood to view every 7 days.  Or there’s Mr. Shirtless at the end of the block who seems to live outside every weekend in his short shorts, wiping smudges off his truck, and pruning his bushes with a pair of scissors, a ruler and a level.  Okay, maybe not that bad, but he’s definitely a slow-moving perfectionist about it, crawling and kneeling and staring closely at every leaf and twig, usually while his wife stars over his shoulder.  And that provides much more entertainment than a poor excuse for a house than looks like it’s mooning me from across the field…

I guess if it sits there too much longer I could sneak over one night and see if my SUV could tow it a few hundred yards down the road.  Then I could park it in the front yard of one of my neighbors the day before trash day.  It could block the view of overflowing trash cans for a day and maybe the garbage men would be motivated to haul it away the next morning…

I’m not really that bad of a neighbor though.  I may think about these things, but I wouldn’t necessarily act it out.  Though let’s see if that monstrosity is still there in a few weeks.

But I’m sure that I provide my own amount of entertainment to the neighborhood myself.  You get a few looks from people who are out walking their dogs when you’re walking your cat.  Most of those neighbors stop to talk though and Graham has met Romeo, the 45 pound Irish Setter.  And the young girls from a couple houses over admire Graham from afar as he doesn’t trust their two energetic mutts.

But the woman next door has started to avoid eye contact with me all together.  One of these days she’s going to turn her head away from me too quickly when she’s driving by and run herself right off the road.  And then she just might take out a few trash cans and some perfectly manicured bushes.

That should get us a fun little neighborhood get together.  I think I’ll have to video that one…



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