One of those days


I’m in a weird mood today.

That’s probably not too far from my usual state (no sarcastic comments please) but that’s just how I am today. So I’m sitting here thinking about creating ‘Books, Beer & Bigfoot’ t-shirts. I’d love to see people wearing them around here in Fayette County so that I know who’s reading it locally (and who has a sense of humor). And I’d love to see how many different states they could make it into, and the looks they might get from people who have no idea what it’s all about. And, could you imagine readers wearing them on vacation in other countries? I’d love to think of the locals looking at them and asking (in whatever accent you would imagine them having) ‘What is this Bigfoot?’

I definitely enjoy my drive each morning but today I wasn’t able to find something to listen to as I wound through all of the crazy curves, and I just couldn’t sit still, so I flipped through all of the stations on the radio, entertaining myself with listening to one line from each station I hit, to hear whatever weird things I could. I think that idea came when I was passing through the talk/Christian stations and heard:

“Sometimes they bite”

So I just kept hitting that ‘Scan’ button. What can I say? I’m easily entertained.

The longer I’m here in Fayette County, the more I believe that I live in an area that time forgot. Where else could you flip through and have two different stations playing Elton John at the same time, separated only by a station playing Donna Summer? Or have Jim Morrison ask you ‘Don’t you love her madly? Don’t you love her madly?’ just one station before Van Halen asks ‘How do you know when it’s love?’, with Hot Chocolate’s ‘You Sexy Thing’ next on the playlist? It’s love in a time warp around here.

That leads me to a question I have for you… Music plays an important part in my novel. And, in one section I’m working on, I need a song that fits a particular situation. If you were to think of a country song that makes you think of someone from the past with a combination of pain and longing and regret, what would it be? Something that gets you all discombobulated about where you are, where you were and where you really want to be… I’m curious to see what ideas might be out there and what songs you think of that might not even be on my list. So let me know!

Okay, so you have your homework. So get thinking.  And I’ll get back to designing those t-shirts! 🙂


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