Wal-Mart for Memorial Day


Happy Memorial Day week from Fayette County!

Okay, so I’ve been slacking and didn’t get a post out on Memorial Day as I’d planned… But it’s still Memorial week so I’m still pretty close. And I was traveling over the weekend – 17 or 18 hours in the car to see relatives – so I’ll use that as my excuse. After all, I’m still trying to catch up on sleep after that late night/early morning drive home…

Now it feels like summer is starting. A time for sun, grilled food, the smell of fresh cut grass and men in XXL tank tops letting their back hair out to blow in the breeze. A time for women to get tan lines riding on the back of Harleys in stained white wife-beaters and for thirty-year-old men to cruise around in low-ride shorts, athletic socks pulled up to their knees and baseball caps worn backwards to cover up their own personal battle with male pattern baldness. Ahh, Fayette County…

It’s interesting how they celebrate around here. On the Saturday before Memorial Day, they put out flags, lining the main street, set out every twenty yards or so on both sides. And it looked impressive and patriotic. But now, as it gets close to a week later, and it’s rained a couple of times, the flags are dropping and lack the image they’re supposed to portray.  It’s like they were excited about the original patriotic idea, but then realized that taking them down too quickly would require overtime pay.

My travels were prior to the actual holiday, so I was back in Fayette County on Memorial Day and running errands, picking up the necessities for a cookout that day.  And, because it was completely last minute, stores were running out and I had to go to three different stores to find everything on my list.

I found most of it at the first store (a normal, typical grocery store). Then, I headed to the second – the scariest, most run-down excuse for a grocery store that I’ve ever seen. And know what’s worse…? People tell me I should have seen the place before they fixed the place up and added the 4th wall… Wait, what?!?

Of course I didn’t find anything there and had to go to the next place down the road. Wal-Mart… And yes, it was as scary as always, even on a holiday when people should have been out enjoying the day instead of nonchalantly blocking the aisles in their extra tight shorts, their curlers and their flip-flops.

Of course I can’t say much since I just threw on whatever I could grab the quickest to run to the store(s) myself. And, I didn’t realize until I was at the Wal-Mart register bagging up the few items I purchased, that my jeans are a little too old and have a hole forming in exactly the wrong spot. Whoops! Time to carry that plastic bag in a way that strategically blocks the view…

I never felt so at home in that place before. Just for the day I was one of the Fayette County crowd. But I’ve already taken those jeans out of circulation. So maybe there’s still hope for me yet…


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2 thoughts on “Wal-Mart for Memorial Day

  1. Kelli Bills

    I went to Wal-mart last night and couldn’t help but laugh and think of this post after watching a lady walk by me wearing booty shorts and a belly shirt. She was like 70 years old. Hahaha!

    1. Drew Post author

      Such a fun place, isn’t it? Though it’s always too hard to be sneaky and take a picture when you see things like that… 🙂


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