The Walking Dead Backdrop


My daily drive is always interesting. And I was thinking this morning that the areas I pass through as I drive over the winding road would make a perfect setting for an episode- or a season – of The Walking Dead.

Most of the area is already overgrown and looks like no living soul has run a lawnmower, a hedge trimmer or a weed whacker over it in years. There are winding roads that pass through the hills without limited areas to escape. And there are weird things to see that would match well with the eerie music that would accompany a group of weary travelers wandering their way through a zombie apocalypse.

There’s a rusting pontoon boat set up on blocks in the middle of a field. There’s a house with a yellow brick road (er, driveway) winding its way from the road to the missing front porch. Seriously, you should see it. I would have stopped to take a picture but everyone around here owns guns and a lot of them are at home through the day…

Then the other day, there was even a family playing out in the front yard – six kids, all between the ages of three and ten (that’s my guess anyway) all wearing nothing but their underwear. Granted, usually during the zombie apocalypse you’d be happy to see real, live people. But this was just way too creepy. I think you’d walk way out of your way to avoid the group playing with six kids in their underoos. Or maybe that’s just me…

And so many people in this county have their “houses” built right up on the highway. So survivors could easily pass from porch to porch searching for anything they need all within sight of a number of other houses along the road. And 90% of what those people own is laying on the porch or out in the yard so no one would ever have to step foot inside a trailer or a collapsing one-bedroom shanty.

Then, there would be the threat of running into Bigfoot out there in the mountains. But maybe that would just be too much to add on a show that’s about zombies. Though maybe…. Bigfoot zombie…? Hmmm… If you happen to see an ad for a show like that on the SciFi channel in the next couple of years, I need you to back me up. ‘Cause that was my idea!

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