Endorse ’em All


I hate election time.  It’s not the partisan fighting and mud slinging and political ads that simply bash the opponent because there’s nothing positive to say about their candidate.  Okay, that’s not enjoyable either.  But my complaint is about the signs everyone has to put up to endorse everyone for everything.  It’s bright, it’s colorful, it’s garbage on sticks.

It used to be that people might put one sign up in their yard to endorse one person they were passionate about (or related to) about winning a specific election.  It would be a sign you would casually notice as you drove by and that would be it.  Half a block farther down the road you’d completely forget you’d even seen it.  But now, the signs seem to be four times as big as they ever were, completely blocking your view of traffic coming through the intersection.

And they’re never set up alone.  As I was driving yesterday, I was amazed how completely full yards, on-ramps and street corners were with clutters of these signs.  There were clumps of ten or twenty or more piled up together with no rhyme or reason.  Or common sense…

I drove past one house yesterday with signs promoting both candidates running for the same office.  Yep…endorse everyone and that way you can ensure that you’re on the winning team, right?

Then, glancing through the herds of signs, I feel like I’m getting old… The names of the candidates just don’t seem right when they sound like the names of high schoolers.  Am I really supposed to vote for Nikki for judge?  Or Justin for sheriff?

I know these signs go up everywhere around the country.  I just never remember seeing anywhere near this many anywhere else that I’ve lived.  Signs in every yard screaming out the names of candidates for school council, coroner, judge, comptroller, and who knows what else.  I don’t actually read them because honestly…?  I just don’t care.  All of these signs have reached a level of insanity that I just don’t understand.  I mean, if I had this many signs up in my yard, I’d never be able to mow the lawn.  Wait…hmmmm…

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