Spring Saturday in Fayette County

It’s been a beautiful day here in Fayette County.  Temperatures are in the mid 70’s, there’s plenty of sun and there are only a few wispy clouds in the sky overhead.

The neighbors are jiggling their way around their yards on expensive riding mowers, each machine capable of finishing the job in about fifteen minutes – twenty or twenty-five if you account for the slower passes made to attempt to impress the people who are driving by.  But anyone driving by is just another one of our neighbors, as the roads that pass through here don’t actually go anywhere.  But they like to pretend that their expensive machines are grabbing the jealous eyes of strangers and eye each passing car with slow moving enthusiasm anyway.

The garbage that settled under the snow of winter and then revealed itself along the sides of all the roads and highways with the warmer spring temperatures, has finally been picked up by a mixture of county employees and random volunteers the county has been pleading for.  Now it’s all put away in hundreds of large black trash bags that watch over you as you pass along your way down the highways.  At some point these bags will be picked up – I can only assume – and we can enjoy the grass and flowers and trees for a couple of weeks before the soda cans, paint buckets, fast food wrappers and random unwanted shoes take back the stretches that belong to them for the other 50 weeks left in the year.

There’s a miniature land mover parked 50 yards out in front of the house, tilted precariously to the side where the creek runs under the road.  It dug its hole on Wednesday and has been sitting in the sun ever since then taking what must be a well deserved break, dirt caked onto its sides, caution tape fluttering in the breeze around it, and only one good shove away from dropping down into the hole it created for some unknown purpose days ago.  It’s tempting me, but I think I can manage to stay away today.  Though if it’s still there after work on Monday, I just might wander over to see if the keys were left inside.

But, overall, it’s a beautiful day here in Fayette County.  The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing and Graham’s napping under the car to enjoy the shade.  Beautiful.  Even if I still have my own mowing yet to do…

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