Fayette County Casual

Fayette County, Day 693 (give or take…):  Still no Bigfoot sighting.  Sheesh…if all of those late-night/weekend cable shows were right and we have so many running around our woods, you’d think I would have seen one hitch-hiking on one of the county roads by now, wouldn’t you?  Yeah, I do drive pretty fast, but still…

The past week was pretty wet and rainy – perfect weather for footprints to be squished down into the mud, but the only prints I saw, or dealt with were Graham’s.  And that meant muddy, furry paws that I had to quickly try to clean off before he dashed back into the house.  And I’m proud to say that I was successful almost every time.

Even though Fayette County is tucked down in the southwest corner of PA, it seems to be in the middle to me.  The middle, in between everything else that’s around here.  When I first moved to the area, I worked an hour north of here in Pittsburgh.  Now, I’m working for a company that’s located in the exact opposite direction, south across the border into West Virginia.  So maybe it’s just my personal perspective as I leave each day – at least five days a week plus the occasional Saturday trips back up to Pittsburgh – but Fayette County just has the feel of a place that’s somewhere in the middle and isn’t a destination in itself.

In Pittsburgh, casual means everyone wears black and gold – the colors of the Pirates, the Steelers or the Penguins.  You wear that or you stand out dramatically.  In West Virginia, it’s the blue and gold of WVU.  In Fayette County it’s…well…  I guess it’s a little of everything.  And maybe that’s why I don’t get it.  Here they might be fans of either WVU or Pitt, they might go watch a Pirates game on the weeknight at the Boston Beanery, where the television sits under a hanging Red Sox hat.  Then you’ll see girls wearing pink Steelers shirts with the number ‘9’ on the back in the mall and guys wearing camouflage McCutchen Pirates jerseys out at one of the local restaurants.  Even plenty of baby blue Penguins jerseys pass you by when you’re out and about.  It’s just an odd combination of fan colors compared to what you’ll see in one of the cities across the county line just a short drive away.  Especially when they’re wearing them to work with a pair of shorts and some flip flops.  I’ve just never been in an area quite that casual.

Granted, on casual Fridays I’m pulling out a comfortable pair of jeans myself.  But I’ll also put on a decent shirt.  One that buttons up.  Then, if one of the Bigfoot hunting crews comes around and wants to interview me on camera, I’ll be looking my best…

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