A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words – So Here’s a Thousand Words

I need to take a moment to figure out how to attach pictures to posts here on the site. I’m sure it’s not at all complicated but, when I’m usually writing my posts by clicking away on my cell phone, I simply feel fortunate that my spelling and typing errors aren’t completely overwhelming.

You know, it’s interesting to think about all of the hours that high school students wasted in typing classes. And now the only actual typing on keyboards we seem to do is when we send out quick replies to emails at work – usually consisting of jargon and abbreviations that are incomprehensible to anyone from outside of the company – and to at least half of those from within as well. Then we’re ‘typing’ on tablets and phones both throughout the work day and again after we’ve escaped from work and are back to real life. And, on those devices, you can’t rest your fingertips in the ‘Q’ and ‘W’ keys with your left hand, and ‘P’ and ‘O’ with the right. Or whatever it was that you were supposed to do. I wouldn’t know the rules because I never took typing in high school. That’s because it was scheduled at the same time as jazz band. I was a dork of another color.

The things you experience in another area can definitely be described, but sometimes it’s good to get a little visual peak into that world as well. And that’s where a picture or two can come in very handy. Just to show a little piece of the area and some of the things that jump out. After all, the change of living here and trying to adapt can be like the difference between walking down a familiar street in any town you know in the world, and stepping inside of a Wal-Mart. Whether it’s the people walking around it what would appear to be costumes rather than actual wardrobe choices, or the marauding gangs of 4-9 year olds roving through the store unattended, it’s just a view that’s a little off from the expected. And from the usual.

I know… I need to stop picking on that place, don’t i? After all, we all have to go there sometime… And, if nothing else, it manages to be entertaining and good for a laugh too. Just like good ‘ol Fayette County.

But I’ll have to start showing you some of the things that jump out or that set this place apart from any other area that I’ve lived in before. And that way I’ll also have some visual reminders myself for when I want to add some of those things into my future novels…

So for now I’m short of the thousand words. And we’ll have to settle for 488.  But you can put it on my tab. Because I’ll be back to spend plenty more words soon. And maybe they’ll even come with a visual or two…

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2 thoughts on “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words – So Here’s a Thousand Words

  1. tamara

    Hey Boss I mean Drew !! YES I SEE again with the Walmart!! LOL !!!! Its Cool ! We all have references to the place! Just Who we are!! I for one know that it is really, the only place you can go to see a woman wearing spandex that should be outlawed for some, with daisy underwear that we can all clearly see! So don’t Fret! i’m sure you might see her too! As far as the pictures on here , A not only Good , but Great Idea ! They do say , A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS , RIGHT??? I know you do like to write and , I Look forward to your next blog here, Until then, Keep on Keepin on kid, and maybe wear dark sunglasses when visiting the place to be , so your not blinded by too may things you just may see! Tammy!!

    1. Hobbs777 Post author

      I actually almost went in there today (there weren’t many options open…). But it is worth it for the entertainment value, isn’t it?:)


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