Hi Everyone!

And welcome. I’m looking forward to having the chance to chat and get to know you as the site grows and develops and we start having a community that can discuss things and ideas together. And…in case you didn’t know up front, the title isn’t meant to be taken seriously…

Books – I’m an aspiring writer trapped in a non-writing job at the moment but am passionate about books, writing and the creative process.  So I guess that’s the part that’s somewhat serious

Bigfoot – Well…I live in an area of the country that’s supposedly home of the elusive creature if you believe low budget cable reality TV shows.  Actually, just last year a film crew came to town and held a meeting in the local Theatre to talk about sightings in the area and to announce the incredibly extensive two-day search they were planning to conduct.  They actually advertised the meeting in the local paper but really…who reads those things any more?  So…I didn’t know about it until it was far too late and I had to settle for watching the production on some cable channel I’d never heard of when it aired last month.  Let’s just say that I learned a lot about my neighbors and my newly adopted home county…

Beer – Okay, so who doesn’t appreciate a little alliteration…?

So a bit about me…

I’m Drew, an avid reader, and semi-productive writer.  Without a doubt I have to read before turning out the light at night, enjoy a good book on a rainy Saturday, or, if Graham (the amazing cat who thinks like a dog because I took him in when he was just a few weeks old and I knew nothing about cats) wants to cuddle on the couch in the office, it’s usually with one arm around him and the other holding a book.  What can I say…?  I’m not the napper he is.

I’ve written one novel but haven’t tried to have it published yet because I have kind of a crazy idea about it…  Based on the subject material (that honestly surprised me a bit as I was writing it) I’d love to have it published someday with all of the proceeds going to a specific type of charity.  So now I’m working on the second novel with the hopes of getting it published to open the door that would lead to the charity success someday.  I have other ideas lined up to follow that trend if it would work out…  One novel published for me and my family, one for a charity, one for me and the fam, then one for a different charity.  And continue.  So we’ll see how that plan works out.

So that’s a start to let you know where I’m coming from… Hopefully you’ll be amused at my future babblings, books reviews, tales of Fayette County living, and anything and everything else that comes out.

Thanks for reading!


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